Backtesting in metatrader 5

Backtesting… A lot of people think that back testing is useless, but i disagree.  When I was using betfair I created my own program suite just to be able to back test on historical date (which I of course recorded myself) and it let me find things that I wouldn’t find in another way. My first bot … [Read more…]

Weekly roundup – eToro (Week 11)

Ok, this will be a reccuring thing, every weekend I will go over the weeks numbers. This week was a green week, but unfortunately there will be red weeks as well. I made some changes to my portfolio, I stopped following “hyperbird”. He has been making a profit all the time i´ve been following him, but … [Read more…]

Who am I copying

So, the big thing with eToro is social trading. You can discuss trading with other members, check out what other are trading, but the main thing is that it allows you to copy other traders. Many of the most copied traders are full time traders which spend all their days just looking for trading opportunities. Even if … [Read more…]

My goal with eToro

Always when you start with something new I think it´s important that you have a goal, no matter what it is. It should be an attainable goal, but not to easy to reach. My long term goal with eToro is simply to make enough money to be able to work less. I work as a programmer, normal … [Read more…]

The beginning

About a year ago a i saw a friend betting on soccer on a site called Betfair so of course i asked what he was doing, and the answer changed my life. He told me he was not betting, he was trading and then he explained how he did it. And of course, the following months he and I … [Read more…]