Weekly roundup – eToro (week 13)

So, finally the end of another tough week for my traders at eToro. It was a pretty similar week compared to last week. Best trader this week is Apasionada with a nice increase of 9.3%. Second place goes to Enerjetico with 8.4% increase. For BestTraders and Noasnoas it was pretty much 0%, but thier current trades are … [Read more…]

Weekly roundup – eToro (Week 12)

This has been a rough week, my equity dropped with around 20% wednesday following the FED event but has since then recovered a bit. As usual I only count “Earned result” meaing the closed trades. All open trades are not counted. My total result is a loss of 0.5% so not that bad in the … [Read more…]

Weekly roundup – eToro (Week 11)

Ok, this will be a reccuring thing, every weekend I will go over the weeks numbers. This week was a green week, but unfortunately there will be red weeks as well. I made some changes to my portfolio, I stopped following “hyperbird”. He has been making a profit all the time i´ve been following him, but … [Read more…]