Monthly is the new weekly

So, as you may have noticed I have stopped doing the weekly reports since I don’t feel there’s any point in doing them. Since it goes up and down all the time, reporting only one week doesn’t give you anything. So im gonna try monthly instead. I don’t have any exact figures for the last month, … [Read more…]

Weekly roundup – eToro (Week 15)

So, this has been an interesting week. All of my traders have green result which is really nice, but more importantly, BestTraders and noasnoas have reduced their negative open trades a lot. It’s looking really promising for next week. In order of performance, here are my traders: Apasionada – 6.1% Enerjetico – 5,5% BestTraders – 1.5% … [Read more…]

Thoughts about trading

The last couple of weeks I’ve started trading for my self at eToro instead of just copying other traders. Before I started trading I read a lotm studying a lot of charts and trying out different things with EAs in meta trader. I have tried a lot of indicators, and a lot of different strategies … [Read more…]

Oh noes, weekend again

Weekend means no profits. Weekends are also about the only time I´m able to concentrate on forex. So, what do I do on weekends? Reading, testing strategies and coding EAs. Reading is always available and since I have a kindle I can just buy a new book if I want to read, no need to order … [Read more…]