Financing your eToro account (working online)

So, today i´m gonna talk about financing your account.

When I test new things to make money on, I never use any of my normal income. I guess I could afford to, but I don´t want to risk not being able to pay my rent because i failed, so when I started with eToro I needed to raise some cash. So I started goggling and found micro work. You get something like 1 cent to do a task that takes a couple of seconds. It may not sound much, but sometimes you can get almost $100 an hour. It´s rare but it happens. There are a lot of microwork sites, but the ones I’ve ended up using is Clickworker, CrowdSource and CrowdFlower.

Clickworker is by far the best pay, but usually they don´t have any tasks. Second place is CrowdSource but the tasks are limited. CrowdFlower always have tasks but the tasks can be more complicated and not always very good pay.

Even if it doesn’t sound much with a couple of cents per tasks it adds up. From these three sites you are able to get your money to pay pal and then it´s possible to deposit them directly to eToro. Just by doing thing every second or third weekend I’ve collected around $850 in a couple of months.

There are a lot of other ways to make money online, like doing freelance work like webdesign, programming, music, art and writing. The biggest sites are Freelancer and oDesk, so check them out if you got some skills in that department.

Apart from microwork or freelancing you could get a second job even though that kind of sucks if you’re not able to work from home.

If you have any good ideas of how to make money to finance your account, please leave a comment below.

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