Weekly roundup – eToro (week 13)

So, finally the end of another tough week for my traders at eToro.

It was a pretty similar week compared to last week.
Best trader this week is Apasionada with a nice increase of 9.3%. Second place goes to Enerjetico with 8.4% increase.

For BestTraders and Noasnoas it was pretty much 0%, but thier current trades are down 10-15%, so again, it´s not looking good for next week.

The problem for my portfolio this week is that i have 4 times more invested in BestTraders and Noasnoas compared to Apasionada and Enerjetico. But, i’m sure they will recover the comming weeks.

This week I also started trading myself and wen around 0.5% up after two bad trades Thursday. My biggest problem when trading is that I really want to do a trade when I finally have the time to sit down and trade, so I´ve done a couple of trades that i shouldn’t have. It didn’t line up with my strategy at all. But the trades lined up with my strategy was all a win, so i’m pretty happy with that.

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