Weekly roundup – etoro (week 14)

So, since I´m a bit late this week I’m not able to get you exact figures since I can’t seem to find only last week trades on eToro.  But, what I can say is that this week has been a bad week. I lost about 8% of my equity, but a lot of that loss is in active trades. But i think this is the third or fourth week in a row where both noasnoas and besttrader has quite a bit of negative balance in active trades. Seems like it´s growing all the time and I’m not that comfortable with that much loosing positions.

It seems like noasnoas and BestTrader both trades on long timeframes  which probably is why the often has loosing trades over the weekends.

Apasionada and enerjetico do more quick trades, each trade lasting a couple of hours. This is more my personal style as well, but i guess it´s more risky.

When I started following forex I didn’t care about the news calendar at all but after the last couple of weeks I’ve seen the impact a big event has. After this I’ve come to a conclusion, don’t trade when big new are expected.

Well, this was a bad roundup. -8% doesn’t say anything. Next week I will go back to write this at friday night or saturday morning.

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