Weekly roundup – eToro (Week 15)

So, this has been an interesting week. All of my traders have green result which is really nice, but more importantly, BestTraders and noasnoas have reduced their negative open trades a lot. It’s looking really promising for next week.

In order of performance, here are my traders:

Apasionada – 6.1%
Enerjetico – 5,5%
BestTraders – 1.5%
noasnoas – < 0.01%

So in terms of closed trades BestTraders and noasnoas are not very impressive, but last week they were like 20-25% in the red and now BestTraders is down 1-2% and noasnoas in the green.

Another fun thing this week is that my performance is 9.4%, which places me in the lead. Probably just a fluke, but it feels like im starting to get it. I’m nowhere near my other traders in skill, but maybe, some day :)

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