Weekly roundup – eToro (Week 12)

This has been a rough week, my equity dropped with around 20% wednesday following the FED event but has since then recovered a bit.

As usual I only count “Earned result” meaing the closed trades. All open trades are not counted.

My total result is a loss of 0.5% so not that bad in the end.

The best preforming trader this week is “enerjetico” which is not the first time he preforms good when all others are crashing. His result is a gain of 6.3%. Entering next week he alreade has about 2% profit.

At a close second place comes “apasionada” with a gain of 6.1%. Entering next week she also got about 2% profit.

At third place is “noasnoas” with a small profit of 1.7%.┬áHer open trade for next week is around 4% loss, so we will see what happens.

Last place which is not very surprising “BestTraders”. He trades hard with usually a lot in profit or a lot in loss, that’s just his style. This week he has less than 0.1% in profit, but for the open trades he has around 7% loss.

It has been an interesting week and I think this is the first time BestTrader not won and noasnoas in second. This just shows you that you need to diversify.

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