Weekly roundup – eToro (Week 11)

Ok, this will be a reccuring thing, every weekend I will go over the weeks numbers. This week was a green week, but unfortunately there will be red weeks as well.

I made some changes to my portfolio, I stopped following “hyperbird”. He has been making a profit all the time i´ve been following him, but not much. He didn’t feel very active so more often than not he did not have any trades in progress. Now the problem is that I probably needs to find another investor to follow. I think that one should follow at least 5 different traders on eToro to minimise the risk of blowing the account, and so far it seems to have been successful, i´ve never been down more then 10% even though some of the traders has been down 40%.

This week, my best trader was “BestTrader” with 6.3% increase, but not much profit for next week.

Second place was “noasnoas” with 2.3% but with a big profit still in the running for next week.

At third and fourth place apasionada and enerjetico with 0% and about the same profit for next week.

It should be said that the numbers for BestTrader and noasnoas is probably a bit low since i doubled the capital for those this wednesday, so it should probably be multiplied with 1.5 at least.


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