Who am I copying

So, the big thing with eToro is social trading. You can discuss trading with other members, check out what other are trading, but the main thing is that it allows you to copy other traders. Many of the most copied traders are full time traders which spend all their days just looking for trading opportunities. Even if i were a better trader, I wouldn’t have time for that, not with an 8 hour a day job.

I will go through the results more in details after each week, but here´s a quick summary.

My favorite trader is “noasnoas” and she is also my first copied trader. She is stable as a rock. She doesn’t make the most money of my traders, but she has mostly (or maybe only) low risk trades.

The trader which preforms best is “BestTrader”, and this is a really active guy which has trades just about everywhere. Both stocks and forex. He usually have at least 50% of the capital working on a lot of small trades.  Big profit, but stressful to watch sometimes.

The next trader is “enerjetico” which is not very active, but he is doing a good job. Not huge profits but no losses so far either.

A similar trader is “apasionada”. Stable but not very active, a couple of trades a week.

The last one is “Hyperbird” and this is probably the one with least profit, but just as the other ones, no losses either.

As you can see, my portfolio is a bit diversified, and that causes me to make less money than i could be doing, but i also don´t risk blowing my account. If I wanted to make the most money I would go 100% on “BestTrader”, but I don´t think i would be able to handle his swings up and down (even with a profit).

A more detailed breakdown will be up on Saturday.

As always, if this sound interresting and you want to give trading a shot, please follow this link.

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